Acctim Watch Technology

Atomatiq® Radio Controlled

The accuracy of atomic timekeeping is available to everybody using an Acctim Atomatiq® radio controlled timepiece.  Radio signals carrying the utmost accurate time and date information is received and decoded by Acctim radio controlled clocks and watches. Acctim radio controlled watches automatically set themselves to absolutely accurate time and they automatically adjust for daylight savings. Keeping you accurate and saving you time, allowing you to concentrate on what’s important in life.

Our flagship dual-band radio controlled watches receive accurate atomic time all across Europe, by accessing the European radio control signal, as well as in the UK. You can read more about Atomatiq® radio controlled watch technology here.

Acctim Autoset®

Acctim Autoset® radio-controlled watches feature absolute convenience. Acctim Autoset® watches are set at the factory. Just activate the watch and they work out of the box with no adjustment. It doesn’t get any simpler.

Talking Watches

Acctim feature a fabulous range of high-visibility talking watches. For those who suffer from limited eyesight, our radio controlled talking watches are a great fit. We work with world-leading sight loss organisations in order to develop products best suited to those short of sight. Our talking watches cater to the needs of a low-visibility user with an assisted setup process and Acctim Autoset® technology (see above). Our talking watches use a clear English speaking voice which was developed in collaboration with the RNIB. Featuring a two year battery life and our exclusive low battery warning, we’re confident when we say you’d find it difficult to find a better radio controlled talking watch. You can see our range of men’s and women’s talking watches here.

Water Resistance

Acctim radio controlled watches offer a range of water resistances, which we rate by atmospheres of pressure (ATM). One ATM translates to the pressure exerted by static submersion in 10 meters of water, where “static submersion” is defined as the object staying perfectly still under test conditions. Any application of dynamic pressure (caused by movement of the wearer such as swimming, diving into a swimming pool etc.) increases the water pressure on the watch. Movement in water increases the pressure exerted on your watch, so a watch rated for 3ATM may sound like it will function at 30m underwater, this is not the case. Pressure at sea level is already 1 ATM therefore a 1 ATM rating offers no water resistance. See this article for more information about water resistance.

A 3ATM watch is suitable for everyday use and is considered splash and rain resistant. 3ATM is not suitable for showering, bathing, swimming, snorkelling, water related work or fishing. A 5ATM watch may be suitable for swimming and non-snorkeling water activities such as fishing or rambling. Our talking watches feature an open-backed speaker design and therefore offer no water protection at all.

Combining our world-leading Atomatiq® technology, Great British design, Swiss watch components and premium materials, Acctim radio-controlled watches deliver Acctim atomic accuracy – every day, every wear.

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